We integrate Opusna a bias-free assessment in our recruiting process to identify and recruit the best team players.

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Teamwork over talent.

We attract and recruit the best people because we compare, contrast and rank individuals using modern technology to measure and consider what research has proven to be the best predictors of success:

Opusuna measures how a person works with others to achieve a team's goal.

Collaboration is what drives team success. The better team members work with each other, the more efficient and effective the team is.
Opusuna measures how a person handles stress in a team setting.

Coherent team members are more effective
and collaborative, no matter the environment they're in.
Opusuna identifies a person's specific means of adding value of the team.

Contributive team members are what high performing organizations are made up of.

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Opusuna is our engine

Opusuna is a proprietary assessment tool that measures how a person works with others - invaluable information for selecting and coaching new hires.

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Executive Search

Our technology combined with our experience delivers an efficient and objective hiring strategy.

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Leadership Development

By applying technology to leadership development, we help team leaders grow as individuals and in their leadership roles.

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Organizational Design

We help organizations transform their business by creating alignment of its different elements and overall business structure.

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Our recruiting process

Identifying & Vetting

We start with a thorough vetting process for identifying candidates that fit the qualifying criteria for the job.

Opusuna Assessment

Prospective candidates complete our proprietary assessment Opusuna to measure for job-fit and team-fit.

Candidate Selection

Candidates with results that are in line with your organizational needs are interviewed by our recruiting experts.

Hiring Support

We coach you through the entire hiring process, from interview through salary negotiations and onboarding.








team leaders.

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“Teamquest helped me understand team dynamics in a whole new way. Subsequently, we created a roadmap for selecting and developing a new leadership team.”

-Bethany Smith

“TeamQuest to a company could be the same thing as IOS is to your iPhone. It is an operating system that helps companies put the right people in the right seats on the bus and you're off to achieve your goals.”

-Brit Blacklidge, President - Blacklidge Emulsions

“If you are ready to step up to the next level TeamQuest is your ticket. It helps companies operate at the highest level.”

-Rachel Helm