Executive Search

Our progressive executive search practice is powered by bias-free Opusuna tech and our 20 years of experience. We focus on senior executives and C-Level searches we do accept lower-level assignments.

Our Unique Process

TeamQuest is the only search firm integrating Opusuna, a bias-free teamwork assessment and methodology created by behavioral scientists. 


We solve problems

Finding the right person and combining people to create outstanding teams is the biggest problem the company faces. Making hiring decisions and selecting people for mission-critical projects without pre judgmental or bias is an even bigger problem. 

We understand that making a career change and joining a new organization is one of the most significant decisions people make.
We solve these problems two ways; first, we reduce risk on both sides by using bias-free Opusuna tech to assess people for their ability to work with others. Second, we identify and organize how people work in teams, knowing this information upfront proves to be a problem solver and game-changer.


Our Approach

Diverse well-qualified professionals drive change in companies. We have a diversity in action and data-driven “Money Ball” approach. There is no other executive search in the market with our approach.

The average failed hire results in 1 to 5 times the annual salary of an employee. We prove we have identified and recruited the best candidates upfront by providing an Opusua report for each.


Commitment to Diversity

Unconscious bias is always present in any recruitment process; time and again, people' trust their gut' – and make decisions based on intuition. Intuition is our unconscious bias; it's how we are programmed.

It's important not to rely on intuition or gut feelings when making hiring decisions and building teams. Instead, we can make informed and objective decisions based on data from a structured process.

TeamQuest consultants are the only consultant to utilize their expertise and bias-free Opusuna technology to create executive search strategies, processes, and solutions that result in effective teams made up of diverse people - diversity in action.